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Permanent Elegant Makeup

What is a permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup, also known as Intradermal Pigmentation, is a revolutionary method of applying natural pigments into the dermal layer of skin. This state-of-the-art technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe.

Permanent makeup is used for a variety of cosmetic enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eye liner, and lip liner/color. Other permanent makeup procedures include vitiligo, scar camouflage, areola restoration, hairline enhancement, and more. Permanent makeup has also been used to cover-up stretchmarks, birthmarks, freckles/age spots, and uneven skin discolorations



  • The average woman spends 55 minutes a day on her appearance according to a survey conducted by TODAY/AOL.
  • That adds up to almost 1 full work day per week and 2 full weeks per year!!!
  • What could you do with an extra 2 weeks a year?
  • 8 out of 10 women lose their eyebrows
  • 1 out of 10 women is allergic to traditional cosmetics
  • 1 out of 100,000 is allergic to permanent cosmetics
  • Permanent cosmetics are a safe and stunning alternative to traditional cosmetics when performed by a seasoned and board licensed permanent makeup artist.

Permanent Makeup May be Perfect for You If…

  • You would adore makeup that doesn’t wear off when you swim, sweat or shower
  • You would love to reduce the time it takes to get ready in the morning
  • You cannot wear traditional cosmetics due to allergies
  • You have sparse or invisible eyebrows or thinning hairline
  • You dislike being seen with “naked eyes” by anyone
  • You find it to be crucial that your brows are on point at all times
  • You have difficulty getting your eyebrows and eyeliner applied evenly
  • You are visually or physically challenged with makeup application
  • You have hair transplant scars or dislike your thinning or balding head
  • You have had breast surgery and would like areola restoration
  • You have vitiligo, stretch marks or scars you would like to camouflage
  • You would appreciate saving money on costly department store cosmetics

Do you fit into any of the above categories?

Would you value getting a more attractive appearance, an increased self-esteem and loads of time to do the things you love?

What are you waiting for? CALL NOW to set up your complimentary consultation!

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